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Application for auction

No need to pay the application charge of TWD500

Successful bidder's service charge

Vehicle Repossession, leased vehicle V TWD4,500/each.

Private vehicle V TWD3,500/each

Inland freight

Special rate for SAA members

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Using the Remote AIS Auction Information System

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  • Vehicle repossession provided by major banks and financial companies in Taiwan
    A Vehicle repossession is the vehicle owned by one person originally which was purchased through a credit account of a finance company and failed to settle the payment continuously after official notification procedure, therefore such vehicle was seized for auction compulsorily. Under this circumstance, any accident event caused by such vehicle previously, mechanical malfunction, even water-damaged condition happen on such vehicle shall be subject to the bidder himself only without any objection at all, so the bidder shall take all the risks alone, in addition, such bidder shall be responsible for all previous traffic tickets or overdue taxes as well.
  • Leased vehicles from leasing companies.
    Private vehicle: used car dealer, company or individual.
    The transfer/registration procedure will be accomplished within 10 days after the closed bidding date for leased vehicle, but 5 days only for vehicles provided by other sources. Therefore the bidder should be worry about the registration problem, traffic tickets or taxation issues. If there is any problem caused by providers, they will be responsibility for it. And SAA will be to provide related service for bidder.
  A comparison among seized vehicle, leased vehicle and private vehicle is as follows:

License Plate Tax / Fuel Tax

Traffic ticket/
overdue tax

Cancellation Time


Vehicle Repossession

Paid by the bidder

Paid by the bidder

23 weeks


Leased Vehicle

Paid proportionately by the bidder from the closed bidding date subject to current taxation schedule.

Paid by the provider

5 10 days


Private Vehicle

Paid proportionately by the bidder from the closed bidding date subject to current taxation schedule.

Paid by the provider

35 days


In light of the above description and analysis, it is clear that vehicle repossession is much more complicated and difficult to export out of Taiwan, therefore we will strongly advice you to purchase leased vehicles or private vehicles provided by other sources instead. If you will to plan ship such vehicles to foreign countries. We can also provide all the related service for the registration operation, custom clearance service etc.
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