Sinjang Corporation, a member of Yulon Group, is an agency, wholesaler and retailer of used cars. Sinjang is composed of Yulon Motor Corporation (Nissan auto maker), China Motor Corporation (Mitsubishi auto maker), TAC and Kaplus Leasing Corporation. Sinjang adopts POS system in used cars auto auction in Taiwan and offers functions of vehicle inspection, price evaluation and open auctions, etc.

To improve the environment of used cars industry that has long been doubted by consumers in Taiwan, Sinjang, for the first time, introduced the vehicle inspection system which has been used in Japan for over 20 years to Taiwan and combined with the manufacture experiences of new cars over 4 decades of the Group, we dedicate to SAVE (Sinjang Automobile Value Evaluation), which is also where our core values are.


Sinjang has three auction places in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung where auction is held weekly with over 12 auctions per month. Sinjang has become as the largest auction center in Taiwan, accounting for 74% of domestic auction market in 2006. We offer the best platform for used cars transactions. In addition to winning confidence of (banks), financial institutions, leasing companies and general businesses, we offer the best place for used car dealers to buy and sell used cars.

Elephant is the first used car purchase shop introducing the purchasing technologies, which has been popular in Japan. It is currently the largest chain used cars purchase shop in Taiwan with five stores in Taipei, Taoyuan, Taichung and Kaohsiung. These include an alliance. We purchase used cars regardless of the brands and types of cars, offering customers trustworthy transaction experiences of used cars.

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