Operation items   Explanations
  Members: Members hand in IC membership card at the registration where card readers verify the identity of members and the functions of the IC membership cards.

  Members booking the seat for auction.
  Members: purchasing deposit (TWD30,000/car) with IC membership card and auction number or verifying whether the remittance is made into the account of Sinjang (in case of problems in remittance, please verify with cashier with the remittance copy). Upon verification, cashier will print the payment bill.

  Members: upon verification of number of times of deposit, number of times of deposit will be deducted automatically after winning the bid.

  After winning the bid, members shall complete Vehicle Purchase contract and then settle the bidding materials, have deposit balance refunded and settle the balance of the total account.
  Payable: bidding price + auction service fee + auction certificate fee - deposit
The balance has to be remitted in the next working day after the auction. Failure of doing is regarded abandoning bid (deposit to be confiscated).

  Please fax the remittance copy to Sinjang. Upon verification, please complete delivery of the cars in two working days after the auction. Parking management fee will be charged (TWD100/day) after the two days.
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